Extract vocals and instruments from any song with A.I.
Upload audio or video to get four instrumental tracks and a vocal track from any of your favorite songs.
Get acapella from any song in a few seconds
Once you choose a song, artificial intelligence will separate the vocals from the instrumental ones. You will get two tracks: a karaoke version which is an instrumental track and an acapella track.
Import audio and video from different sources

Extract acapella from any song right on your iPhone or iPad

Camera Roll

Import music video from the Camera Roll to get voice and instruments separated into individual tracks.


Import audio from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or any other storage accessible via Files to extract vocals and instruments.

Link Import

Import music video from YouTube to remove vocals from your favorite songs and create your own karaoke version

AI can find and extract
drums, bass, piano and vocals
Upload any audio or video and get instruments separated into individual tracks.
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Export and share extracted stems
You can export all tracks as mixdown or as an archive or choose a certain stem.
"I can dig even closer favorite part of the songs from producers i like. It helps me to increase my proffessional skill"
"Super usefull think for remixes and mashups. You can extract track from favorite song and flip it in the seconds"
"This app helps me to prepare karaoke tracks for my students"
Music Teacher
Unmix for everyone
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For producers
Create remixes and bootlegs by extracting acapella and other parts of the songs. Export stems to your DAW and unleash your creativity
For drummers
Extract drum track from any song you want, learn patterns from bands you like, create covers on the go
For teachers
Help students to learn any song by extracting stems
For singers
Instantly create karaoke version of the song you want. Create covers and practice singing
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